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ProSafe First Aid Training School Inc. offers a variety of different first aid courses to meet your needs. We provide training for employees in industries so they can safely manage workplace emergencies effectively. We also provide basic CPR and first aid training for the general public so they can provide first aid and care for emergencies in the home and community.

ProSafe also offers the FoodSafe Level 1 course for students working in the food industry.

ProSafe maintains a high quality of training for all students in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

To learn more about any of the courses listed below, including course content, length of course, pre-requisites and schedules, please click on the buttons on the expanded menu on the left.
The courses offered at ProSafe include:
  • WCB Occupational First Aids Level 1, 2, and 3 (OFA Level 1, 2, and 3)
    These courses focus on training employees in industries to confidently and effectively manage workplace emergencies. They range from a basic one day course to more advanced training. Employees are trained to provide first aid for minor and major injuries and trauma that could occur.

  • Transportation Endorsement (T.E.)
    This course is often taken after an Occupational First Aid Level 1 course is completed. The focus of this course is to train students to successfully package and handle patients with traumatic injuries, such as head, neck and spinal injuries.

  • WHMIS training
    This course educates students on how to handle hazardous materials in the workplace

  • Canadian Red Cross Courses (including Basic CPR, Emergency and Standard First Aid, and Emergency Child Care)
    These courses offer first aid training to students so they can effectively handle emergencies with adults, children and infants.

  • Automated External Debrillator Training (A.E.D.)
    This course is designed to train students how and when to use the defibrillation machine

  • FoodSafe Level 1 Training (in Punjabi/Hindi and English)
    This course emphasizes food safety in the workplace and safe food handling procedures

    ProSafe also offers a variety of first aid kits and supplies
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