(Updated August 25, 2021)

As the Province of BC continues to implement measures to fight COVID-19 , ProSafe will continue to follow the direction from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO).  The following will be in effect as of August 25, 2021

  • Face masks/coverings will remain mandatory while on campus (other than eating or drinking).​

  • Hand hygiene will continue to be enforced and sanitizer will remain available.

  • A brand new CPR pocket mask will be provided to all first aid participants.

  • ProSafe will ensure there is good use of ventilation when courses are scheduled.

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Required

  • ProSafe will require proof of COVID-19 Vaccination as of the following dates,

  • By September 13, 2021  you must be partially vaccinated.  You're partially vaccinated with 1 dose. 

  • By October 24, 2021 you must be fully vaccinated.  You're fully vaccinated 7 days after dose 2. 

You'll be able to show your proof of vaccination easily using the B.C. vaccine card website.   The secure website will be available for September 13 and will provide confidential access to your proof of vaccination.   You'll be able to save your vaccine card to your smartphone and show it when accessing events, services and businesses. A secure paper option will also be available for September 13.  For more details please visit

Participants who register for courses running on or after September 13 and are unable to show proof of COVID-19 Vaccination will not be entitled for a refund but may transfer once to a future date at no cost.

Thank you for your support. Stay Safe!

The ProSafe Team