Course Info

The MarketSafe program is designed to increase awareness of food safety and safe food handling practices for farmers’ market vendors, market managers, farm-gate vendors, home kitchen food processors, and others who make, bake or grow food products for sale outside of regulated food service establishments.


MarketSafe was developed by FOODSAFE and the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets in cooperation with industry, education, public health, and agriculture.

MarketSafe certification is not a legislated requirement; however, some Markets do require their vendors to have a valid MarketSafe certificate.


The MarketSafe course is not equivalent to FOODSAFE Level 1.

Key Content

  • The Causes of Foodborne Illness

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Preparing Higher Risk Foods in Commercial Kitchens

  • Preparing Lower Risk Foods in Home Kitchens

  • Storage, Packaging, and Labelling

  • Transporting Food to Market

  • Displaying Food

  • Providing Food Samples

Course Duration

  • 8 hours 


  • English


  • None


  • No expiry

Course Price

  • $79.00 + GST


  • Surrey / Abbotsford