ProSafe’s Port Coquitlam Campus Launch: Giving Back To Our Communities, One Campus At A Time

From helping an ailing family member to bandaging an injury on site, First Aid is one of the most vital skills that is available to the general public. The demand for First Aid related knowledge is a constant in ProSafe’s line of work, and our instructors work hard to teach their knowledge to others. In order to keep up with this constant need for First Aid training, we are proud to announce that we are opening yet another campus -- this time, in Port Coquitlam.

Located at #101-1525 Broadway Street, this next chapter in ProSafe’s evolution is scheduled to open for bookings on November 7th and 14th. We have strategically chosen this location as it lies conveniently close to a number of industrial stakeholders, and can also be accessed easily by Port Coquitlam’s residents. At this time, our course offerings will consist specifically of Occupational First Aid (OFA) and Red Cross First Aid.

First Aid officers, grandparents, professional chefs – absolutely everyone can benefit from ProSafe’s training programs. By launching our Port Coquitlam campus, we are excited to be able to share these fundamental skills with another part of our community. If you are ready to learn an invaluable practice that can be used in any situation, then do not hesitate to reach out. Our Port Coquitlam campus is open by appointment only, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email before you visit!

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Established in 1999, ProSafe First Aid is a premium employment training agency with a focus on first aid, workplace safety, mobile industrial equipment, and customer service in BC, Canada.

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